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Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall on February 21st, 2009

Twitter Backgrounds

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If you have been looking for a way to customize your Twitter background so that it both reflects you and promotes your blog, then Twitbacks might be the tool you have been looking for. This website promises a customized Twitter background in less than two minutes - and it certainly delivers.

Getting Started

To get started, create an account with your email address, Twitter username and a new password for Twitbacks. Complete the email confirmation and you will be able to go back and edit the background you create. Click on the ‘get started’ link and you are taken to a one page form. You can input:

  • name
  • business name
  • website URL
  • blog URL
  • blurb

Then you can upload a logo and photo and choose their position. Finally add links to social networks or other sites, and choose the font style and size and the content width.

Choose A Template

In the right sidebar are a number of templates you can use. All you do is select one (you can preview them) and then fill in the captcha at the end of the page. Click a button and you get the option to post your new background straight to your profile (and tweet a message letting people know about it). Your background image contains a link to Twitback, but it’s not too prominent. On my profile it is hidden under the navigation bars.

Create Your Own

If you are creating your own, you can choose a blank canvas or simply upload your own image, which you can use as is or tile. I found this a bit fiddly, as it was difficult to get the image to the right size to stretch across the background. This would be a good option for Twitbacks to offer in future.

Editing Your Template

Getting back in to edit my image was simple, though I have one niggle - do I really need to fill out a captcha on every page? I filled one out for access to the account, another for access to the form and another to get my image uploaded - I made five attempts to edit my image, which meant 15 captchas - come on, guys!

The Verdict

That aside, I think Twitbacks offers a really useful service and I would recommend it as an easy way to customize your Twitter background.

Sharon Hurley Hall
Get Paid To Write


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