How to Use Facebook to Gain Blog Followers

Posted by Charles on May 18th, 2011

One of the most effective methods of connecting with and building blog followers is by posting a link to your Facebook profile or fan page. Below are a few tips for using Facebook to increase blog followers:

1. Post any blog comments to your Facebook wall and provide a link.

RSS Graffiti feeds are a popular and easy-to-use application that will allow you to link any blog posts to your Facebook fan page wall.

FacebookA great feature of the RSS Graffiti application is that you are able to update your fan page wall from several sources at no cost. This means that you are able to promote the content of not only your blog but of partners, affiliates, or other RSS feeds that you believe may be of interest to your readers.

The most effective way to build followers to your blog is by consistently posting interesting and relevant content…no matter the original source of the information.

2. Promote your Facebook Business Page on your External Blog

You can also motivate your blog readers to become fans of your Facebook page by displaying a Facebook Badge that links to you page. By default, the badge will show your Facebook profile picture but you can also edit this setting so it will display the number of fans your page currently has, as well as the most recent status update to your wall.

Another great method is to display a Facebook Like Box on your blog (this differs from a Facebook Like badge). The Like icon will display your Facebook profile picture and allows your blog readers to “Like your Facebook page directly from your blog.

3. Import your blog to your Facebook profile

Facebook allows you to import your external blog to your profile or page via the “Notes Application.” By doing so you are able to keep your friends and page fans up-to-date with regard to recent posts without having to repeat yourself. Facebook will monitor your blog every couple of hours for new posts.

4. Create a Facebook Page for your blog and build your brand!

Creating a dedicated fan page for your blog is an excellent method of gaining followers. This will allow you to incorporate many added sections and build your brand by incorporating color scheme, along with company logo or banner! The design of your blog page will affect the type of reader you attract. Followers will be able to sign-in to Facebook and become fans of your page and participate in discussions, polls, forums, tagging and much more.

You may switch between your personal profile and blog page selecting the “Use Facebook As” option under “Accounts.” When you make the switch you will be interacting with Facebook from your fan page and the newsfeed will show comments from your favorite pages, rather than those of your friends.

When you have created a blog page you will be able to instantaneously view reader comments to your blog postings and respond in real-time thus fostering active reader engagement. You also have the option to write on the wall of other Pages of interest and promote your blog at the same time. When you post a comment to one of these other blogs it will link back to your page where readers will be invited to “Like” your page. When they do they will receive the real-time feed from your blog as well.

5. Use Networked blogs

Networked blogs can be used with either your personal profile or Facebook page(s). If you add this application to your profile or page, it will appear as a separate tab and publish excerpts from your blog. You can permit the NetworkedBlogs application to automatically update your personal or page status or both is you added the application to both each time you post a new entry to your blog.

This application is a bit like creating a page for your blog but there couple of differences: 1) With the NetworkedBlogs application you will be shown as the author of the blog; 2) You will also be able to invite people to follow your blog and leave comments.

6. Use the Facebook Insights feature to understand your audience

If you want to create relevant and interesting content for your blog audience, it is important to understand their interests, demographics and needs. Facebook Insights provides this information; i.e. the ages, gender, and location of your fans.

You can also monitor the number of likes and comments per posting to judge their effect on their readership and help you adjust the content accordingly. You may choose to view the information by the week, month, or restrict the search results to specific time periods.

This is a post by Stephanie Phillips who is a social media advocate and blogger at She blogs about small business credit cards and financing.


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