Getting Into Iminta?

Posted by Charles on July 25th, 2008


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Oh no! Not another online aggregator! That was my first thought when I heard about Iminta. Having flirted unsuccessfully with Friendfeed and partied with Profilactic, I wasn’t sure my social life could take any more aggregation. But I was wrong, because I liked Iminta the minute I started using it and it has one killer feature which makes it worth signing up for. It has a very economical tabbed interface, both in the account editing panel and for the main account page, making it easy to find navigate around the site.

What Are You Inta?

Iminta asks ‘what are you inta?’ Add your accounts and the site will aggregate them for you. It divides the sites into book sites, event sites, image sites, microblogging sites, review sites, song sites, video sites and story sites. The last category is the biggest, allowing you to add blog feeds, plus feeds from Google Reader, Digg, Stumbleupon and others. It doesn’t include everything, but it probably includes a lot of the sites you use. Input your username and it retrieves the details for you, automatically adding them to your Iminta page.

Adding Friends

Like other similar sites, you can add friends from your email address books (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail) or simply add an email address. You can group your friends and determine which parts of your Iminta feed they can see, though I haven’t bothered. For me, the point is to share my stuff, and since I’m sharing it on several other sites, there’s no point in hiding it here. This is an unashamedly social service, so you can post to your Wordpress blog from within Iminta.


One of the tabs at the top of the page is ‘what your friends are inta’. A click of a button means that you can add something from this page to your intas as well, though it doesn’t update the source site. I tried it with a StumbleUpon pick by one of my friends. It slotted into my list on the date of the original pick.

The Killer Feature

So far, Iminta may sound like any other aggregator, so why am I so impressed? It’s the killer feature - filtering. With a click of a button you can use the left sidebar to see just your favorites, only your books, just your microblogs, simply your stories and so on. You can also filter by the particular site - and it works for your friends’ intas too. You can also filter by friend, allowing your to track what a particular person has been doing online.

My Verdict

The filtering alone makes Iminta worth it for me. The site is quick and efficient and the navigation is easy. Sure, I would like a few more services added, but it works with the most common ones and has added new services like Plurk way before many others. Iminta gets the thumbs up from me. Here’s my profile if you want to add me.

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