A Warm Welcome

Posted by Charles on July 1st, 2008

A Warm Welcome 

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It all started 4 months ago when I came an article about using humour to extend your reach. It had reached the front page of Sphinn, subsequently I clicked through to it, and the rest as they say is history. Since that point I’ve been a regular reader of Piggy Bank Pie.

Back then I could never have imagined that a couple of months down the line I would have been browsing through the Sitepoint auctions to find, in amongst all the directories, templates and adsense sites, Piggy Bank Pie. Needless to say a few bids later, including one which had to be made at 4am in the morning, I’d become the new owner!

I have to say a huge thank you to Patrick here. The changeover process has been easier than I could ever have imagined. Thanks for being so helpful, and best of luck in the future - you’re welcome back anytime.

In terms of my background I’ve been involved in online projects for the past two years, and live over in London, UK. Particular interests include blogging, SEO, SMO, and pretty much anything Web 2.0.

What Can You Expect?

Well, Patrick’s done a fantastic job… I just hope to be able to do more of the same. The emphasis will remain on guest blogging along with general blogging tips, SEO, social media, and the ever popular topic of how to make money online. No radical changes, just the Piggy Bank Pie that you all know (and hopefully love!).

Are Guest Bloggers Still Invited?

Of course, very much so. As is mentioned in the About page:

Then I came up with the idea that a dynamic blogging community might be the answer… that was just a fancy word for Guest Blogging. I think a group of writers and thousands of readers is THE best approach. And while at it, why not give a chance to bloggers looking for a first blogging gig?

This very much still stands today. It would be fantastic if Piggy Bank Pie became the place to discover the next generation of bloggers, and where established bloggers could reach out to a new audience. If you’re interested in guest blogging either on a one-off or regular basis drop me an email at charles [at] piggybankpie . com

Writing Services

The writing services portfolio is superb and hopefully we can sustain that level of quality. I’m hoping to expand the number of freelance writers so if you’re a talented writing and interested in joining our team please get in touch at the email address mentioned above.

Blogging Collaboration

As a reader I always felt that this was an excellent idea, based around the idea of reciprocal linking but so much better. “Blogging Collaboration Made Easy” is here to stay. Any bloggers up for collaborating?

And Finally

Thanks for visiting and reading through to the end of this post. Blogs are obviously highly personal and the individual involved plays a big part in the personality of the blog itself. With your help I hope to be able to fill the large void that have been left behind.

Is there anything that you’d like to see introduced? Perhaps a new service, features, or more emphasis on certain topics? Feel free to leave a comment below.

5 Responses to “A Warm Welcome”

  1. Sharon Hurley Hall Says:

    Welcome, Charles. I’m looking forward to working more with Writing Services and posting on this blog too.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Very nice introduction, Charles. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, we’ll continue to be in touch frequently. Again, I’m very happy the blog was sold to someone who wants to take it to the next level. Best of luck Charles.


  3. Charles Says:

    Thanks Sharon - looking forward to working with you as well, and Patrick, likewise, I hope we can keep in touch.

  4. Awangku Yusli Says:

    Hello Charles. Welcome and congratulations for being the new owner of Piggy Bank Pie :)

    Patrick, I guess it’s kinda sad that you’re no longer heading this site but I know you’re still around :) All the best and keep in touch, okay..

  5. Charles Says:

    Thanks for the welcome Awangku.

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