Five Web Apps That Can Boost Your Blog’s Design

Posted by Charles on July 29th, 2011

One aspect of blogging that can be easily overlooked by bloggers themselves is web design.

Many bloggers are excellent writers who have creative ideas and unique writing styles, but have very little design savvy. While this is not a problem for writers within the traditional medium, blogging is as much a visual endeavor as it is a writing endeavor.

In order for a blog to become successful, bloggers must incorporate engaging narrative within a beautiful environment.

These five web applications can help amp up any tired and dull blog’s appearance.

1. Clue App

ClueThis neat little web application helps you discover what exactly is memorable about your webpage and what is not as memorable as you might think.

Clue creates a memory test using of an array of screenshots from your website and then tests what people remember from your site after viewing the screenshots. This application helps bloggers identify what exactly on their website is grabbing for first time viewers.

As anyone knows, strong first impressions are essential on the web. With people clicking around the internet at crazy speeds, your blog really needs to jump out at them to get them to stick around.

Clue helps you pinpoint what aspects of your blog interest people. Use Clue to find out how your site compares to a competitor’s site, to get ideas for redesigning your blog, and to make sure that visitors can locate things easily on your site.

2. Pixlr

PixlrThis photo editing service is essential for bloggers wishing to really create a blog that is as interesting and profitable as possible. Pixlr provides a simple and quick way to crop and alter photos.

Use this web tool to create interesting and unique photos for your blog that visitors can only find on your site. Many blogs out there recycle the same stock images to accompany their blog post. By using Pixlr, you can post pictures and images that can only be found on your site.

Much of successful blogging involves offering something that viewers can’t find anywhere else. Pixlr can help you develop that extra spark your blog may need to truly stand out.

3. Web Fonts

Web FontsWith over 150,000 font products for you to preview, purchase, and download, Web Fonts is a great tool for spicing up a tired blog. This web resource provides information on new typeface releases and helps users discover tips and tricks about typography and design.

Many bloggers fail to realize just how important their type font is to gaining new readership and maintaining regular readership. Fonts make all the difference in how easily things can be read and how catching text is to a reader.

Some fonts can make blogs difficult to read and can distract from the actual content of a post. Let Web Fonts help you find the perfect fonts to use on your blog and develop the most visually appealing text you can.

4. Kuler

KulerThis web application allows you to generate color themes that are pleasing to the eyes and interesting. This tool can help you develop an overall color theme for your blog that is both interesting and unique.

Often, individuals wish to develop a blog because they are strong writers and they have an idea worth contributing to the internet, but they have little insight into web design or visual design. Kuler can be a great start for individuals in this position.

Use Kuler to find a color scheme for your blog and work from there. Kuler allows you to create custom colors, design a color palette, and look at other users’ color pairings.

5. BgPatterns

BgPatternsThis neat little application lets you create custom background designs for your blog in a few quick and easy steps.

With dozens of images to choose from and various features for developing patterns, this tool is great for newbie web design bloggers that want something fast, simple, and attractive for their blog.

BgPatterns used alongside Kuler and other imaging and design apps can help bloggers create a beautiful and unique webpage that reflects something unique and specific about their blog.

This guest post is contributed by Patricia Garza, who writes about gadget, technology, design, social media, e-learning related articles at online university rankings.


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