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Posted by Tiffany Blue on December 16th, 2007

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Cha Cha

A fun way to earn money online is being a Cha Cha Search Guide. As of now, there are two types of guides: Desktop and SMS (SMS searches was launched this Oct.)

Desktop Guides assists user of the Cha Cha Search Engine (users can search with or without a guide.)

SMS Guides answer questions that are sent by text message (cell phone.) While the SMS program is in its beginning stages it is only available to customers of Cincinnati Bell. Because SMS answers will be sent back to the asker in a text message, your answers are limited to 160 characters.

The pay is not going to compare to a real job. However, if you spend a lot of time on the Internet, it could be worth looking into. A guides pay is based on their Level. New guides level is apprentice, and has an “in training status.

Starting pay for Desktop Guides is five something an hour. Now that is only for actual searching time. For SMS Guides it is a flat rate of 0.20 a search. SMS Guides get an average of 10 searches a day, I am sure searches will pick up when it is released in other areas.

Being hired as a Cha Cha Search Guide can take a while, even longer if another Cha Cha Guide does not refer you. I applied directly through the Cha Cha website and it took a month to hear anything back from Cha Cha HQ. It took another month after that to complete the rounds of testing. You start taking three tests:

  • Reading and comprehension;
  • Typing;
  • And your knowledge about the rules for Cha Cha guides

After passing those tests, you do the second round:

  • Another typing test ;
  • And some sample questions.

For the last round you must download the Cha Cha Guide Toolbar. Follow the instructions in the emails from HQ, or you may download the old ToolBar that will not be used much longer.

Right now, they are not hiring Desktop Guides; I am not sure about SMS Guides. However, if you are at all interested in being a Cha Cha Guide you should apply now. That way when they need more guides (SMS or Desktop) your name will be on the list. I like to think of it as if I am getting in at the beginning of the next Google.

Tiffany Blue
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7 Responses to “Apply to be a Cha Cha Search Guide”

  1. alyssia williason Says:

    This is a incredible site!!! i would like to be a chacha search guide.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Thanks Alyssia, you have all the required information above. Have fun! :-)


  3. Robert VanGutman Says:

    I have been a ChaCha Guide for about 4 months. My hard drive destroyed itself & I had to replace it entirely. I would like to get back to ChaCha business, but am having trouble loading the ChaCha Tool Bar on Mozilla Firefox. Can you help me” And if you can, thank you so much.

  4. Scorpion™ Says:

    Want to become a ChaCha Guide. I have many invites left with me. Kindly send me an email to for more details. I can also give you free tips on cracking the test. Note: Applicants must be 18 or above Should be a US citizen Should have a valid SSN for payment purposes.

  5. Kendra H Says:

    Thanks Scorpion™. I have successfully become an SMS guide earning about $5-$9 an hour. Thanks for all your info & tips. I really appreciate you! Thanks again scorpion for the invite (referral).

  6. Anne Says:

    I am having trouble loading the ChaCha Tool Bar on Mozilla FireFox. Can anyone help me?

  7. Amy Says:

    Great article! Hi everyone! I have a couple of invites left, and the apps have just been reopened for a short period of time.
    If you are seriously interested, please email me at for more info.

    I would love to help you out with the process, and have been a guide for over a year!


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