The Importance of Online First Impressions

Posted by admin on March 11th, 2011

In this era of advancing technology, many businesses have gone online to keep pace with the fast-changing times. Almost obsolete are the days of markets and storefronts, now replaced by the newfangled web shopping extravaganzas.

With the growing number of social networks and online markets, any online website or business gets immediate traffic and feedback, but not always. Of course, first impressions play a big deal in attracting customers or visitors, especially with the staggering number of competitors on the World Wide Web.

First ImpressionsAccording to some web researchers, an average person takes only about half a second to survey and judge a website based on its design and this is what dictates their future decisions that can either make or break a web competitor. The goal of creating an attractive website falls within the few milliseconds it takes the ordinary web surfer to see and perceive the design.

Another important thing to consider is that this website must appeal to as wide a market as possible in order to achieve the desired effect. With those two things in mind, here are a couple of useful hints and tips that will take you a long way in designing an attractively effective website or webpage:


- Visually Appealing - An eye-catching web design not only draws the eye but entices it to linger. Take advantage of the various graphics kits available on the web or in computer stores to spruce up your site. Keep your target market in mind and design accordingly. Use a variety of colors that complement the theme of your website and sell its purpose.

- Not Overwhelming - The tendency of some companies is to pile as many graphic teasers and advertisements as possible, cramming them together in a jumbled mishmash. However, this approach is a proven deterrent to some customers, as the visual display can be quite overwhelming. Keep design to a pleasant minimum, making sure that the actual content is not lost in a graphic jungle.

- Keep it Balanced - Ensure that all the graphic elements of your site harmonize with one another in both size and color. Text blocks must be kept the same size and transition to other sizes or colors must be made as smooth as possible. Make sure that they all match the central theme you have decided on before you started your website construction.

- Emphasize Important Points - Make sure to underscore the features of your website that you have pegged as the selling points. Whether with bright colors or amazing text and pictures, ensure that the most vital part of your website is on display, in the most appealing way for everyone to see. However you must still utilize graphics that are still in keeping with the overall look and feel of your website design.

- Aim for Professionalism - In dealings with the business world, professionalism is a great draw for most customers. Showcasing a clean, professional-looking site tells visitors that you are serious about what you do and gives you a measure of credibility on the web.


- Appeal to Emotions - Though also applicable to design, good content must be emotionally moving and must hit close to consumers’ hearts. An advocacy supported by product purchases is a feature that draws those who are so inclined. Web surfers must receive appropriate incentive to view and to keep patronizing the website.

- Convenience is Key - The layout and features of your website must be such that any ordinary web surfer without a technical background is able to operate every aspect with ease. This may involve a lot of complicated back-end work, so it may be prudent to hire a specialist in the field if you are not well-versed in web language and properties.

- Advertisement - Put yourself out there! Utilize social networks to your advantage, and share your vision with friends and relatives who are at an advantage to increase the prominence of your website. Build a network with other website creators who have a similar goal or business as you do in order to further share website access with more people.

Implementing these practices in the creation of your website helps to further its visual appeal and content. But the most important tip to remember is that there is no hard and fast rule as to what really attracts a customer. This is why a truly dedicated website creator must dedicate a portion of his or her time to research into what their consumers want. One must seek a growing trend and plan their business to use this to their advantage. Feedback is a great help in this regard and will be of great value in future website planning ventures.

To this effect, a website’s design and content must be subject to regular updates and modifications, continually pushing the bar on customer needs and desires.

This is a guest post by Renee Bedford who is a working mother who has been tackling several websites projects for both her company and personal ventures. She has quickly learned that though the online world is another realm many of the same principles apply, such as having a captivating image and quality content. She works for the Christmas Tree Market, where they sell an array of classic and unique artificial Christmas trees.


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