Guest Blogging - The Instant Visibility

Posted by Charles on August 4th, 2008

Instant Visibility

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You’ve been blogging for a little while, things are going ok and you have a decent group of RSS readers. But you feel it is time that your blog gets a little boost to increase your RSS counter. Time to consider guest blogging.

Guest blogging expands your horizons because the very first time you start writing for other blogs, you expose yourself to readers who have never heard of you before. Of course you could continue blogging thinking you will expand your readership slowly by producing quality content, true. But this will take a while, unless you come up with a brilliant idea that other bloggers will be pointing at. Guest blogging gives you this instant visibility.

Small hit or a Grand Slam?

If your first gig is on Pro Blogger or Zen Habits (you get the point), then congratulations! But I hope you feel some pressure because posting on these superblogs can be your best move ever, and your worst nightmare too. I would recommend taking some experience first at smaller blogs as when misjudged guest blogging can be a risky job.

You also don’t want to grow too fast and be unable to keep up. How many business have failed because they were not prepared for super-fast growth? Twitter is one current example of a business that needs to be careful as its frequent downtime is leading to promising competitors such as Plurk entering the microblogging scene.

Smaller blogs

You will learn a lot from posting at small blogs:

  • How to convince yourself to publish a great post somewhere else (this is difficult)
  • How to write a guest post
  • How to approach a fellow blogger to publish your post
  • How to prepare your blog for new visitors
  • How to deal with comments left on your guest post

Consider this: True, your RSS feed will not quadruple from posting on a small blog. But are you ready to hold the pressure that comes with a 4 figure RSS feed? Readers have been exposed to your best work and they decided to follow the link, but their expectations are high and failing to deliver quality content on a regular basis may convince them to backtrack. And it will be very difficult for you to get these readers back one day.

Guest blogging on small blogs helps with creating relationships. Launching your first blog is like moving to a new school or town when you are a kid, you have to make friends. If you want bloggers to talk about you or your content, you need to develop relationships. No one’s going to talk about and help the kid sitting in the corner. It’s the same with blogging - guest blogging gets your name out there so you aren’t hidden away in the corner of cyberspace.

The Bloggers Band

Imagine that you’re the lead singer of a garage band called The Bloggers. You started rehearsing 3 months ago and the band has now 2 solid sets of 10 songs. A few friends are hanging with the band at the garage during rehearses and they’re really impressed by what they hear.

As the lead singer, you feel it is time for a first gig. You call the nearest pub and ask the manager if they would accept to feature The Bloggers for a night. That’s it, you’re booked on a Tuesday night at the Corner’s Pub. After informing members of The Bloggers, you jump on the phone to call ALL your friends to tell the news…

Tuesday Night

It’s Tuesday night, 9:00pm, the band is ready backstage, a few friends have showed up, but the pub looks empty. The Corner’s Pub crowd is mostly the same crowd as the garage’s. Why? Because the band is known only by your friends. That’s the same situation for new bloggers. Even if you’ve been there for a little while, there’s so many blogs out there that the competition is very strong and it becomes quite a challenge to create a successful blog if you have limited exposure.


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3 Responses to “Guest Blogging - The Instant Visibility”

  1. Sharon Hurley Hall Says:

    Great post, Charles. Guest blogging is a great way to get the word out, but I agree that the hardest thing to do is give your best content away. If you can bring yourself to do so, then you stand a better chance of attracting new readers.

  2. Charles Says:

    Thanks Sharon. I can’t take all the credit for this one - the article is based very closely on one of Patrick’s drafts.

    Agree completely about the difficulty of forcing yourself to give away great content - I think you just have to keep in mind that there aren’t a finite number of great articles which you can write… just because a few are given away it doesn’t mean that the quality of your blog has to suffer.

  3. Patrick Says:

    What a nice adaptation, Charles. This was like traveling back in time for me, I started working on this post on a flight from Montreal to Toronto. It was a pleasant read, thanks for finalizing this post.


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