Getting Huge Numbers Of Backlinks With Guest Blogging

Posted by Charles on April 20th, 2009

Guest Blogging For Backlinks

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We’ve covered a huge number of areas of guest blogging since PiggyBankPie started back in 2007, from its benefits to how to prepare before guest blogging and 52 blogs where you can guest post.

Then last week I came across a fantastic post on how to generate huge numbers of backlinks through guest blogging on A-List blogs, something which I’d not thought of previously but certainly is highly effective at generating backlinks.

All popular blogs suffer from a major problem in that as soon as they publish a post it’s scraped and republished by numerous blogs across the web. It’s annoying, especially with worries over duplicate content, but there’s often nothing that you can do about it.

However, if you’re guest blogging on one of these blogs you can use it to your advantage. How? Simply enter a footer at the end of your article with a couple of links to your blog. This will almost certainly be scraped and republished across numerous scraper blogs, many of which have a surprisingly high PageRank.

Be sure to check out the article below in full - it’s well worth reading:

Guest Blogging For (A Lot) Of Backlinks


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  1. Keyword Research Service Says:

    Guest blogging in general is a great idea. I’ve been writing articles instead, but those primarily stick on the same sites unless they are very high quality. With guest blogging you can ride a specific site’s link profile and target a page to exactly what you want. I’m off to browse that list of 52 blogs that accept guest posts. Thanks!

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