BlogSynergy - Interview With Dan Harrison, Co-Founder Of The New Guest Blogging Platform

Posted by Charles on September 21st, 2009


For anyone who’s actually tried guest blogging it can be very time-consuming actually trying to find blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. In the online marketing niche we compiled a list of 52 blogs, but lists such as these may no longer be needed thanks a new online site which has been launched - BlogSynergy.

BlogSynergy is a match-making service for bloggers who are looking for guest posts and those who would like to contribute guest posts. The interface is clean and very user-friendly. When logged in there’s a directory of all the blogs which have signed up so far, allowing you to easily find blogs related to your niche, and if you’re in need of guest posts then you can browse through the people who have put themselves forward as writers.

We caught up with Dan Harrison, one of the co-founders of BlogSynergy, to ask him a few questions about this new guest blogging platform. Dan’s an entrepreneur, a keen blogger with a number of blogs, including his personal blog at, and also mentors people to help them run their own websites through Streamlined Thinking.

> How did you come up with the idea behind BlogSynergy?

Very simple. I had found that guest blogging was a great way to get good quality backlinks to your website, particularly from really good quality websites. However, I was contacting blogs on an individual basis (and still do), telling them about guest blogging and asking if I could write for them. It’s labour-intensive work. I have a repetitive strain injury (RSI), meaning I end up in lots of pain using the computer all day long. Anything I can do to reduce that time is a good thing, especially avoiding writing lots of emails! Therefore I wanted a tool to make it easier to find blogs who were keen on guest content.

Since it was a big project, I approached Michael Gibson of MGDigital to help me with the development effort. Michael is responsible for the great user interface and design. So the ideas are mostly mine, the interface is all his creation. Thanks to him, we got the site completed in a few months. Much faster than I could myself, due to the RSI I mentioned previously.

> What are your goals with BlogSynergy? Do you see it as a standalone service or part of a future range of blogging-related service sites?

BlogSynergy will be specifically tailored to guest blogging and nothing else. There are lots of blog tools around that handle other services, but none that handles guest blogging specifically and so easily. I want BlogSynergy to be the defacto source for finding high quality blogs for guest content.

> Guest blogging is something that we’ve advocated for a long time here at PiggyBankPie, given its many benefits including link building, generating traffic, and as a way to build your reputation in an industry. In your opinion what’s the main benefit of guest blogging?

The biggest benefit in my opinion is building a community around your blog within your niche. So by guest blogging, you boost your traffic because you’re putting your content in front of an audience that’s interested in the same subject matter as your blog. You can then build a relationship with those visitors, and just as importantly, with the blog owner. Having a relationship with other website owners in your niche can be very rewarding in terms of how you can help each other out. That ultimately means you both grow your readership!

However, traffic and link building are very strong benefits on their own. Let’s not forget that!

> There are those people who see guest blogging as a time-consuming version of article marketing. How would you respond to that?

I’d rephrase that point by saying that guest blogging is worthwhile, unlike most article marketing. The trouble with article marketing, particularly with submitting articles to directories, is that you’re encouraging others to re-use that article by using it on their site. Duplicate content is a bad idea generally. Also, I find that articles (from directories) are very bloated and fluffy, and lack real quality.

However, guest blogging is all about quality and relevance to the host blog and its readers. Therefore you will always gain more visitors as a result of guest blogging, simply because you’re ensuring the article is something people want to read.

A close friend frequently reminds me that “the worthwhile things in life are never easy”. That completely applies to guest blogging.

> Going back to BlogSynergy, the types of services which match up webmasters often end up suffering from an inundation of low quality, effectively spam, websites. How do you intend to ensure that both the guest blogs and the writers are of a good quality?

I personally review the blogs that are submitted to the system to ensure we get quality blogs. If a blog is spammy, I reject it with an explanation for the blog owner. We have a basic feedback system in place that allows writers and blog owners to leave feedback for each other. As time goes on, this will become a strong indicator of blogs and writers that show a high degree of quality. Effectively this means that the users of the system will weed out the low quality writers and blogs with time.

> BlogSynergy is currently free of charge and you mention that further down the line there may be a small fee for advanced and heavy users. Can you give an insight into how this will be measured and what kind of premium features might be available?

We only have a basic idea of pricing for now, as it’s our intention to consult the community before introducing the fee. However, the free account will be limited to the number of blogs you can list, in addition to how many blogs you can request to write for. Those members who pay a small monthly fee will have no restrictions.

We welcome all thoughts and ideas on how this should work.

> Finally, the site’s only just launched but do you have any future updates or new services already lined up?

We have lots of ideas! However, we’ve gone for the most useful subset of features to start with. Blog statistics, a user feedback profile, widgets to link to BlogSynergy directly to your profile and an affiliate scheme for fee-paying members are among the ideas on our to-do list. However, we encourage ideas from the community, and they’ll get added to the mix too.

If you have ideas for BlogSynergy, please let us know via the contact us page.


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