8 Reasons to Start Guest Blogging

Posted by Charles on July 4th, 2008

Guest Blogging

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With all the bloggers out there - Technorati is currently tracking 112.8 million blogs - it’s surprising that more emphasis isn’t placed on guest blogging when discussing ways to grow your blog. You’ll hear about search engine optimisation strategies, the importance of social media, straightforward article syndication, participating in relevant forums, and commenting on other blogs amongst a whole host of other promotional ideas, yet more often than not guest blogging doesn’t get a mention.

With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons why you should start guest blogging.

1. Increased traffic

Guest blogging increases the exposure of your blog. And what comes with more exposure? Visitors. The most obvious benefit of all is that guest blogging is a way of generating extra traffic to your blog. Sure, it’s not transform your visitor statistics overnight, but it can bring in a significant amount of traffic.

2. Free exposure

It takes time to sit down, brainstorm for a good topic, and write a high quality article. But that’s all it takes. Time. And not even that much time. What’s one extra post to write every couple of weeks? When it comes to free ways to promote your website guest blogging is one of the few remaining effective strategies around.

3. Highly targeted and relevant

Exposure is no good unless it’s targeted exposure, and if guest blogging is anything then it’s certainly targeted. Visitors that click through to your blog are interested in learning more about you and your blog and as a result a much higher percentage go on to become RSS subscribers and regular readers. From our experience we’ve found that around one in five people who visit Piggy Bank Pie from a guest blogging post go on to become RSS subscribers.

4. Improves your reputation

Whilst on the subject of conversions guest blogging doesn’t stop at converting more visitors into subscribers. The enhanced reputation that it brings can help to increase conversions in product/service sales or when recruiting advertisers. After all, not everyone can say that they’ve written for John Chow. In particular, if you’re selling an eBook reputation counts - guest blogging is a great way of increasing yours.

5. SEO benefits

Ok, it had to be mentioned. These days most online marketing strategies are evaluated based on what they can do for your search engine rankings. With Google’s continuing crackdown on paid links guest blogging is an excellent way of generating relevant one-way links, including in many cases deep links to your blog. These links are relevant, keyword-rich, incorporated within the main content, and in many cases located at the top of the post. When it comes to quality these links tick all the boxes.

6. Improved social media visibility

Success with social news sites such as Digg or Mixx is largely determined by your ability to either (1) become a power user, or (2) know and develop a relationship with a power user. Without either of these it’s likely that your content will be submitted by nobody’s, one of the main reasons why great content fails on social media. Many of the top bloggers in your niche will be power users and writing a post for them is a fantastic way to bring your blog to their attention. If you approach them proposing to write a guest post you can be sure that they’ll check out your blog in-depth to assess the quality of your articles (assuming that they have an interest in featuring guest posts), and the next time they’re submitting links to a social news site they may just think of checking out your blog for any suitable submissions.

7. Doors are opened

Guest blogging is an excellent networking tool. The rise of social media has encouraged people to look at networking as a numbers game, with the drive for quantity steamrolling quality. But when it comes to opening doors and gaining valuable opportunities, it all comes back to quality relationships. Whether it’s new business opportunities or simply a great referral, getting to know other bloggers in your niche can bring the most unexpected benefits.

8. Long term effects

The networking benefit of guest blogging means that its value shouldn’t be judged on a short term basis. Many bloggers that you write a guest post for will link to your content further down the line, promote it via social media, and be happy to provide help where needed. There’s a residual effect which shouldn’t be discounted, and this is perhaps the reason why guest blogging hasn’t hit the big time when it comes to blog marketing strategies.

Many of the above benefits do require you to have a high quality blog, but if have great content which could do with greater visibility guest blogging is worth serious consideration.


If you’re interested in guest blogging on Piggy Bank Pie don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  4. allen Says:

    Very true guest blogging is one of the only way in SEO that works for both traffic and link as if your content would be great people would definitely drop to your website to know the original post and as you are writing a post for the blog the blog provide back link to your website as a gem so you can gain both the thing in just one excellent post on a great traffic blog

  5. Karla Campos Lopez Says:

    Guest bloggers on my site have said they have noticed increased traffic to their site after they wrote guest articles linking to their blogs. I think people should give it a try a few times before they rule it out. If you decide it is not working out for you, then you can try other methods of link building such as commenting.

  6. Web Designer, London Says:

    Guest blogging is important but can be quite time consuming. The long term benefits however justify the effort involved. It is important to write a few quality posts on high quality blogs rather than attempt to write multiple posts on many blogs.

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