52 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Posted by Charles on July 14th, 2008

52 Guest Blogging Opportunities

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*Update* - View the new list of 101 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Recently there’s been a lot of discussion amongst bloggers about the strategy of guest blogging, including the benefits of guest blogging which we’ve touched on and the suggestion that guest blogging opportunities have never been better.

However, if you decide that guest blogging is for you where do you start looking for opportunities? You’re left to trawl through Google, which is why we’ve created an extended list of 52 blogs that accept guest posts. You could think of it as one guest blogging opportunity for each week of the year.

Blogs asking for guest bloggers:

1) Bloggin-Ads - Submit a guest post
Topics: Blogging tips & blog reviews
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 77,542

2) Online Opportunity - Submit a guest post
Topics: How to make money online
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 115,345

3) Blogging Tips - Submit a guest post
Topics: Blogging tips, guides & resources
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 119,211

4) Carl Ocab - Submit a guest post
Topics: How to make money online
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 87,907

5) Club Blogger - Submit a guest post
Topics: Blogging tips, tricks & ideas
PageRank: n/a
Alexa Rank: 278,006

6) ReveNews - Submit a guest post
Topics: Online advertising discussion
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 121,042

7) Earners Blog - Submit a guest post
Topics: Internet, PPC, and affiliate marketing
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 117,546

8 ) PureBlogging - Submit a guest post
Topics: Blogging tips
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 105,503

9) I’m Blogging That! - Submit a guest post
Topics: Blogging tips
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 67,245

10) Freelance Folder - Submit a guest post
Topics: Freelancing
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 130,348

11) One Man’s Goal - Submit a guest post
Topics: Make money online, make money blogging
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 118,368

12) SearchAnyway - Submit a guest post
Topics: Search marketing
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 104,251

13) Webtalks - Submit a guest post
Topics: Make money online
PageRank: 3
Alexa Rank: 188,866

14) Court’s Internet Marketing School - Submit a guest post
Topics: Internet marketing
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 97,326

15) SEO MegaCorp News Blog - Submit a guest post
Topics: SEO
PageRank: 3
Alexa Rank: 533,370

16) Can I Make Big Money Online - Submit a guest post
Topics: Make money online
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 102,485

17) Internet Income Formula - Submit a guest post
Topics: Online business tips and opportunities
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 1,738,942

18) SEO Scoop - Submit a guest post
Topics: SEO
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 129,884

19) SEOmoz’s YOUmoz - Submit a guest post
Topics: SEO
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 15,125

20) PC4Media.net - Submit a guest post
Topics: Online marketing & online business networking
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 316,211

21) DayJobNuker.com - Submit a guest post
Topics: Work from home jobs & how to make money online or offline
PageRank: 0
Alexa Rank: 107,741

22) CyberCashology - Submit a guest post
Topics: Make money online
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 149,608

23) ReadWriteWeb - Submit a guest post
Topics: Web technology trends and social media
PageRank: 8
Alexa Rank: 19,946

24) Derek Semmler - Submit a guest post
Topics: Money
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 97,382

25) Unconventional Marketing Blog - Submit a guest post
Topics: Marketing ideas & strategy
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 149,934

Blogs accepting guest posts, possibly for a limited-time:

26) Graywolf SEO Blog - Submit a guest post
Topics: SEO
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 107,811

27) John Chow - Submit a guest post
Topics: How to make money online
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 30,476

28) ShoeMoney - Submit a guest post
Topics: Internet marketing & how to make money online
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 37,296

29) John Waraas - Submit a guest post
Topics: Make money at home
PageRank: 3
Alexa Rank: 107,817

Blogs that have accepted guest posts recently:

30) Problogger
Recent Guest Post: A Blogger’s Guide to Branding with Social Media
Topics: Blog Tips
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 18,595

31) Jim Karter
Recent Guest Post: Make Money Online Twice as Fast
Topics: Make money online
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 167,248

32) Affordable Internet Marketing
Recent Guest Post: The Real Truth About Making Money Online
Topics: Affordable marketing strategies
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 83,964

33) Webmaster Zone
Recent Guest Post: Best Cost Effective Money Making Technique
Topics: Internet marketing
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 301,303

34) Brand Curve
Recent Guest Post: The Olympics - Branding on a Global Stage
Topics: Branding & marketing
PageRank: 3
Alexa Rank: 265,720

35) Web Analytics Demystified Weblogs
Recent Guest Post: Web Analytics in a Recession?
Topics: Web Analytics
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 92,015

36) Chris Brogan
Recent Guest Post: Building Brand Through Building Community
Topics: Community & social media
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 183,660

37) Plurkiverse
Recent Guest Post: An In-Depth Look at Plurk
Topics: Plurk
PageRank: n/a
Alexa Rank: 646,520

38) Bible Money Matters
Recent Guest Post: Automated Tithing: A New Way to Give
Topics: Money
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 201,101

39) Buzz Networker
Recent Guest Post: Plurk Karma. Twitter Dharma?
Topics: Social networking
PageRank: 3
Alexa Rank: 241,206

40) The Marketing Mix
Recent Guest Post: How to Help People “Get” You
Topics: Marketing
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 1,765,326

41) Blogging Bits
Recent Guest Post: Skip the Middleman: Monetizing Your Blog Without a Network
Topics: Blogging writing, marketing & design
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 101,463

42) Internet Business Daily
Recent Guest Post: Offline Marketing
Topics: Internet business
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 159,830

43) Copyblogger
Recent Guest Post: 10 Quick Tips for Building a Business Online
Topics: Copywriting
PageRank: 7
Alexa Rank: 64,866

44) MoneyBites
Recent Guest Post: Exploring Social Media Networks
Topics: How to earn money online
PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: 148,442

45) Get Rich Slowly
Recent Guest Post: Why We Shop: Getting a Grip on Consumerism
Topics: Personal Finance
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 45,359

46) THINKing
Recent Guest Post: The ROI of Social Media
Topics: Advertising, marketing, PR & social media
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 165,032

47) Techipedia
Recent Guest Post: Is Social Media the Final Frontier of Marketing?
Topics: Social media
PageRank: 6
Alexa Rank: 107,903

48) Mixed Market Arts
Recent Guest Post: Website Marketing with Twitter
Topics: Website Marketing Strategies
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 83,746

49) Anywired
Recent Guest Post: 7 Signs of SEO Scams
Topics: Working online
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 122,990

50) Blue Hat SEO
Recent Guest Post: Make $50 dollars a day with Google Custom Search
Topics: SEO
PageRank: 5
Alexa Rank: 127,570

51) Sandossu
Recent Guest Post: Why You Should Embrace Social Media
Topics: Internet marketing
PageRank: 0
Alexa Rank: 295,052

And finally, there’s us…

52) PiggyBankPie - Submit a guest post
Topics: Guest blogging, blogging tips & social media
PageRank: 4
Alexa Rank: 386,765

Do you know of any other blogs that accept guest posts? Feel free to post them in the comments below.


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58 Responses to “52 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”

  1. DE Says:

    wow what a great list.How do you find time to post all those sites?

  2. Katy Castro Says:

    Great list! Thanks for including I’m Blogging That in the bunch.

  3. Armaan Bhati Says:

    Thanks for adding my site wmrzone.com in list
    By the way I am accepting guest post for long term as I am leaving after 8 hour to another city for study.

  4. George Says:


    Thanks for the mention! Good idea to make a list like this.

  5. Pete Says:

    thanks for including my site in the mix. I’m always looking for good topical (money related) guest posts. If anyone is interested please contact me through my contact form on the site!

  6. Mike Huang Says:

    Thanks for having me on the list :) I’m surprised I’m #1 on there, but I know there’s no ranking to this list :P

    Guest posting really is something that is helping everyone.


  7. Charles Says:

    DE - it did take a while to put the list together but hopefully it’ll save quite a few people time in the long run!

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

  8. salwa Says:

    great list. thank you!

  9. Sharon Hurley Hall Says:

    Great post, Charles. I plurked it first thing this morning, and just realised I forgot to leave a comment :)

  10. Tad Chef Says:

    Hey Charles. Great list. I accept guest posts too as the former blog author can tell you :-)

  11. There’s a Little Blogger Inside All of Us : Network Blogging Tips Says:

    […] that brings me to my personal challenge to all of you.  Did you know there’s a rather large list of blogs that accept guest posts?  Many of those blogs are a page rank 5 or higher which can in turn be a tremendous benefit to […]

  12. Deb Ng Says:

    Awesome list!!

    And for the record, both Freelance Writing Jobs and Network Blogging Tips accept guest blog posts any time - as long as they’re relevant.

  13. Larry Says:

    and Great list, I added this page to my favorites

  14. Jay Says:

    Here’s an addition: doWAHdiddy.org is a WAH blog that accepts guest posts. We’re also a team blog, so regular writers are welcome to join the team.

  15. Charles Says:

    Hey Tad - for some reason I thought those guest posts were a one off, but had I known otherwise I would have definitely included you in the list.

  16. Susan Gunelius Says:

    Thanks for the link to Brandcurve!

  17. Sanjay Mayar Says:

    Thanks for including the SearchAnyway blog in the bunch. We’re always looking for new writing talent!

  18. peter caputa Says:

    Writing articles that get published on other sites is a great way to network, build links for SEO purposes and get exposed to new people in your target market.

    Thanks for putting this list together. I’ve received an influx of people requesting to write articles for my site, as a result of the link above and look forward to networking with them.

  19. Chris McMahon Says:

    It’s super niche (human rights/trafficking), but the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s blog will accept articles happily.

  20. Guest Blogging: The Instant Visibility | PiggyBankPie Says:

    […] 52 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts […]

  21. Dispelling the Myth that Guest Blogging HAS to Be Time-Consuming | PiggyBankPie Says:

    […] your niche to see which ones would be suitable, and depending on the topic of your blog our list of 52 blogs which accept guest posts may be of […]

  22. O. Messaoud Says:

    This is an awesome list.
    I started accepting Guest Posts, and I recently accepted my first one. Please include me in the list.

  23. Blog for Beginners Says:

    I have recently started accepting guest posts on my blog. Two has been published and many are still pending review. I’d love if you would include mine into your power list.



  24. Charles Says:

    Hi guys - just to let you know - I will be updating the list in a couple of months so anyone who’s now accepting guest posts will be included in that list.

  25. Wednesday’s Toolkit: Tools You Can Use Says:

    […] your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge   2. 52 blogs that accept guest posts.  If You like to write and want exposure consider doing guest posts. You can also visit these blogs […]

  26. Ellie Says:

    My blog, Ultimate Geek Girl, is always accepting guest posts. You can contact me via the site and let me know if you are interested! I feature writers who write about productivity, software, web applications, technology, and lifehacks.

  27. Hot Topic Blog Says:

    I think guest blogging is a great way to add a new perspective to your blog as well as build a network with people with your interests. Thanks for this great list. I one day will have guest bloggers on my blog.

  28. Tom Lindstrom Says:

    My blog, The Home Business Archive, is also accepting guest posts.

  29. Dave Takata Says:

    Great Information that I can definitely use. Thank you!
    Dave T

  30. seowordsmith Says:

    Such a great list, bookmarked. A much better strategy than article marketing IMO, as you have to pay to be frontpaged in article directories. Of course, both is best, but for becoming part of a blogging community, guest blogging is a great way to join the ’sphere.

  31. Oscar Says:

    Please add my blog to that list!
    Thank you!

  32. Chris McClelland Says:

    We are also accepting guest writers and guest posts, please visit http://www.thelucrativeinvestor.com/guestwriter/ for more information.

  33. Ilissa H. Says:

    I am currently looking for guest writers for my food blog, Everything ‘In the Kitchen’ Up Close. http://everythinginthekitchenupclose.blogspot.com/

    If you are interested in applying to be a guest writer, details can be found here: http://everythinginthekitchenupclose.blogspot.com/2009/03/grand-opening-event-starts-tomorrow.html

  34. Ivan Petkov Says:

    I’m looking for guest bloggers too. My website is a social network blogging platform. In our blog we talk about anything and everything so writers with different interests are welcome. Could you please include us in the list?

    Thanks a lot

  35. blogqueen Says:

    Love the thread. I’ve used several of these. And, by the way, ClubBlogger’s (http://clubblogger.com) a PR 2, now (you show it as n/a, above) - there’ve been some positive changes there. They moderate but do it quickly and allow all comment but stupid stuff/spam. Also, I’m a big fan of ProBlogger. Thanks guys, B

  36. bisnis lewat internet Says:

    Wow a great list! :D
    May be I must do it for my blog. Move it to accept guests post, heh.
    Thanks for your information,

    Nikita Willy, ;)

  37. Sanya @ China Travel Says:

    Thanks for the awesome list, I was considering to write guest post now, this list come very handy.

  38. Naija @ Nigerian Entrepreneur Says:

    This is quite handy, worthy of bookmark. Instead of serching round for blogs to submit guest post on, I can spend the time writing more articles to submit on different blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Linda Says:

    Become.com’s shopping blog, Pocket Change, has a page rank of 6 and is also accepting guest blogs! For more info, visit: http://pocketchange.become.com/become-a-guest-blogger

  40. allen Says:

    i just wonder why this page is not in SERP for the guest blog post related keywords i was finding this kind of list from so many days but through search engine i just end up with some crap but today would like to give credit to mixx as through this i got your post which is awesome thanks for the list and try to update your list as regular as possible

  41. SEO tips Says:

    Thanks for this incredible list.. Ill try my luck with some of them. Bookmarked this page. Thanks again!

  42. Udegbunam Chukwudi Says:

    Now this is exactly what I was searching on google. What a resource. I just started guest blogging as article marketing is not my thing. Hope to guest blog on about 10 blogs with minimum of Page Rank 4 to see if my page rank rises from 2 after the next page rank update.

  43. Earn money online Says:

    This is the best and biggest list of top blogs in money making niche that accept guest posts. I’m also accepting guest posts on my SFM blog. So could you add my blog as well in this list of blogs that accept guest posts.

  44. Franck Silvestre Says:

    Great list.

    You can add my blog to the list as well. I’d like to receive quality guest posts, and the poster will have up to 2 links to his blog or site.

    It should be related to the make money online, Internet business niche.

    Feel free to contact me if you want more info.

    Franck Silvestre

  45. sheila Says:

    Great list…will look online for other health related blogs too that accept guest posts. Great idea!

  46. jignesh Says:

    This is wonderful list of blog allowing guest post. I will really appreciate if you will add my blog eltalearning.com in this list. My blog is having PR5 and Good visitors base.

    Awaiting for your reply

  47. Ultrasonic Humidifier Says:

    I can’t a list of blogs that accept guest posts anywhere else when I was searching on Google. I appreciate you for compiling a huge list and showing their PR as well.


  48. Cynthia C Says:

    I have 2 blogs; http:ccol4him.blogspot.com is a Clay Aiken fan blog(I go off topic once in a while) and http:applause4acause.blogspot.com/ is a charity awareness blog. I’m looking for guest bloggers in both blogs.Thank you.

  49. Dan Reinhold@Work At Home Humor Says:

    WAHumor.com accepts guest posts from those working at home online.

    If you’re legitimately making your living online through Internet marketing or providing services, we want you.

    The challenge: Write a FUNNY post about something that happened while working or your take on something about
    your work.

    You can submit at http://WAHumor.com/submit-your-story-2/


  50. ClubBlogger Says:

    Thanks for the mention and for the comment above. Just to correct and update: ClubBlogger is Page Rank 3! ;)
    Best, CB

  51. Kristy Says:

    Hi There,

    I write a blog about children and family and I accept guest posts that are on topic…contact me through the website if you’re interested!

  52. Victor Roibu Says:

    My blog is accepting guest posts too :) so you can try and submit your posts here Guest Posting

  53. Joanne Maly Says:

    Thanks for this list, Charles. I wonder if there is a current list of Blogs / Publications (June 2011 time-frame) that accept guest posts — and it would be even greater if that list categorized the blogs / publications by industries / topics (e.g., marketing, advertising, design, SEO, communications, etc.)

    Do you know of any such current list?

  54. Charles Says:

    Joanne - unfortunately I don’t. Most of the lists seem to be based around the internet marketing niche.

    For blogs in other industries I’d join http://myblogguest.com

  55. Joanne Maly Says:

    Charles, thanks for the myblogguest.com suggestion. I will definitely check it out. Thanks too for taking the time to answer. My best to you on this fine Thursday.

    Joanne Maly

  56. Ann Smarty Says:

    Charles, thanks a lot for recommending MyBlogGuest!

  57. Lynn Bruines Says:

    Absolutely great list! Could you add my newly launched blog to the list? Hospitality Writers is a platform for guestbloggers…

  58. Jörgen Broström Says:

    Great list of blogs accepting guest posts. I will definitely check them out when I have a post that may not be suitable for my own blog. I also welcome guest blogs for my blog, Brostrom.de, on the topics of Social media, graphic design, marketing, ecommerce and photography. It’s listed on MyBlogGuest.com.

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