3 Web Apps That Will Make Your Blog Better

Posted by Charles on June 16th, 2011

Despite what others may think, maintaining and constantly updating a blog is no easy feat, especially for those that only run a blog as a hobby—it takes effort to come up with topics and it’s exceptionally time consuming.

But thanks to certain apps that can be used on the web, keeping up with your blog may just get a little easier. As a bonus, these apps can also make your blog look and run oh-so-much better.

With that said, to learn the top 3 web apps that every blogger should add, continue reading below.

ScribeFire1. ScribeFire. This app, which promises to “fire up your blogging” is a simple interface that allows users to maintain their blog(s). This includes updating, deleting or editing multiple posts and images; categorizing and adding tags; and saving drafts all from one source.

This app works for most major blog platforms. It is available for Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and Mozilla Firefox users. Cost: Free

2. TinEye. While having unique and quality writing is important, it’s equally important to include photos within the posts for aesthetic purposes.


However, all too often bloggers don’t include photos whatsoever, add low resolution photos, or forget to give photo credit where it is due—this is a huge no-no. It’s not always the blogger’s fault either—sometimes it’s hard to locate the photo’s original source or almost impossible to find a useable picture.

This “reverse image” app however allows users to discover where an image came from, if it’s open for reuse, and can allow you to find an alternative, higher resolution version.

All you have to do is right click the image you want to use and ta-da. This app is available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera users. Cost: Free

Blog This

3. Blog This!. If your blog is heavily dependent on reposting news articles from a variety of sources (or maybe you like to repost them from time to time) then this app is perfect for you.

What it does it make reposting articles as simple as with one click—all you have to do is press the “BlogThis” button that will appear on your browser tool bar and it will upload the article directly onto your blog. You can even edit the article if you wish.

This app is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome users. Cost: Free

This guest contribution was submitted by Pamelia Brown, who specializes in writing about associates degree. Questions and comments can be sent to: pamelia.brown @ gmail.com.


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