Want To Drop One On Me?

Posted by Sharon Hurley Hall on December 27th, 2007

EntrecardThis post has been submitted by Sharon Hurley Hall from Get Paid To Write Online.com.

I’ve been struggling with an addiction over the past three days. It’s an addiction to Entrecard. It all started when I wrote a review of Blogrush over on PureBlogging last week. At the end of it I concluded that the widget wasn’t worth it but what came out of the comments was a clear indication that there was something that did deliver traffic - Entrecard.

Now, I admit I’ve been using it for only three days, so I’m still in the first flush of romance, but the figures speak for themselves. In the last seven days, Entrecard has been responsible for 154 visits to my site, and that’s before I’ve started to advertise.

Entrecard describes itself as an online business card. When you sign up, you create a 125×125 button and some descriptive text for your site. That’s your card, and you can leave it at any other card that has Entrecard. When people leave you a card, you get notification in your inbox. Part of the widget is also available for advertising - people buy ad space on the widget at a cost. Everything is bought and sold in Entrecard credits. You gain them for dropping cards on other sites and when other sites drop cards on yours. You use them to pay for ads and gain them when others take ads on your widget.

The time consuming part is visiting sites to drop cards, but it’s the only way to rack up credits. Then you can decide where the best place is to buy ads, but be warned, the more popular a blog gets, the steeper the price. My ad space started at a standard 2EC (Entrecard credits) and is now up to 24EC in only three days. I guess it will fall off over Christmas, as I won’t be doing much dropping.

So far, the system is working for me. It’s similar to StumbleUpon in that a lot of people just stop by to drop cards, but out of those, a few stay longer, read content and may even subscribe. This has already been WAY more successful than BlogRush, so I’m giving it a qualified recommendation so far. If you’re an Entrecard member, why not visit my site and drop one on me?

Sharon Hurley Hall
Get Paid To Write Online.com

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9 Responses to “Want To Drop One On Me?”

  1. Brian Says:

    I was in your same situation Sharon - I was immediately in love with entrecard. Sooner or later though, you will realize that is just an over-emphasized part of the internet that gives out crap traffic. I had over 200 visits in just a couple days directly from Entrecard - the question was how much of that traffic was quality.

    If you consider a good day to have lots of visits, then you are in trouble because I’ll bet that 90% of entrecard visitors will never return again (unless they are dropping their card again).

    My point is that traffic from Entrecard isn’t visiting your site to read your stuff - they are visiting your site to drop their own advertising card. Crappy traffic as I would call it.

  2. Mark Dykeman Says:

    I’ve been trying out Entrecard myself. To be honest, I’m not clicking on other people’s blogs as much as I did initially (let’s face it, it’s time consuming), but I am getting some traffic this way and I’m finding a few new interesting blogs to read, so I’m reasonably pleased with it so far.

  3. Sharon Hurley Hall Says:

    It’s true that some of the traffic is fleeting, Brian, but I have picked up a couple of new readers and, as Brian says, have found a few new blogs to read. I don’t think any single form of traffic building is enough. Instead, you have to find the ones that work best for you. I figure, if I take out a few Entrecard ads to reach new audiences, then if I deliver quality content on the day that they visit, then some of them will be back for more.

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  5. Mitchell Allen Says:

    Hi Sharon!

    Hmmm, this sounds a lot like TrafficSwarm.
    I won’t judge what I won’t use.
    Let me know if the blush fades…;)



  6. Sharon Hurley Hall Says:

    Hi Mitch

    I’ve never used TrafficSwarm, but another thing I like about Entrecard is that I’ve discovered some new writing blogs, and I’ve been able to gain some attention for my blog by having an ad on some of those blogs. You can choose where to advertise your site, and also which ads to accept on yours, as well as which blogs to click on to gain credits so that seems a bit different from some of those other blogsurfing, traffic building sites. Am I wrong?

  7. Patrick Says:

    Hi Mitch, you can read the following interview from Darren Rose, that should convince you:


    Thanks for your visit and for taking the time to drop a comment.


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