Valuable Pipeline Building Tips for Work at Home Bloggers

Posted by admin on July 15th, 2010

Pipeline Building Tips for Bloggers

The blogosphere is packed with blogs. It’s a big challenge to attract readers when they have millions of blogs to choose from. Keeping an audience is also a big challenge. What can bloggers do? Here are some important tips:

1.) Avoid gimmicks: There are plenty of schemes which practically promise to get a blog on to the front page of Digg. Don’t turn off the blog’s avid readers with gimmicky posts. Don’t get carried away and write a stunning post title such as “U.S. President Dies” and then mention in the blog that George Washington died in December of 1799.

2.) The importance of originality: Try to provide original topics or use a new angle on a popular topic that grabs attention. Writing about things that others have written about is NOT unique. Find an interesting story that’s in the news. Something controversial will attract attention if it’s legitimate. Find your own voice.

3.) Interact with the audience: Activating the comment feature on a blog allows readers to share their opinions, converse with the blogger and leave interesting or perhaps snarky comments to other readers. Involved readers are more likely to return. Bloggers can ask readers to offer their thoughts about the post or ask them to share a personal story. Yes, it’s possible the blog will receive spam post advertising. It’s worth the risk.

4.) Integrate basic SEO principles: This includes using keywords appropriately. Posting intriguing titles with keywords is vital in creating a searchable blog. Toss in a few keywords in the post. However, keyword stuffing in a blog will turn off savvy readers. If the blog is enticing or provides excellent information the blog may get some one way links which increases traffic and search engine rankings.

5.) Interview industry leaders: Once the blog has an audience ask the leaders in the blog’s niche for an interview. Try to have a notable guest every month. Good interviews can increase traffic. If they say no, ask again! Wait at least ten minutes! Perhaps wait a few weeks and provide a couple of flattering comments.

6.) Provide social bookmarking options: Place a Digg button or other social bookmarking links on the blog. Give the blog’s ardent fans an opportunity to share your insightful blog with others. If the blog doesn’t have a social bookmarking link, the readers might think the blogger doesn’t even think his posts are worthy of reading.

7.) Use an RSS Feed: The function is built-in at Wordpress and Blogger. Readers expect their cherished blogs to have an RSS feed. Promote the RSS feed in the blog template.

8.) Avoid alienation: After the blog attracts a sizable audience, some bloggers puff out their chest a little too much and get too self-serving or lazy and provide stale information. There is a lot of competition in the blogosphere and your audience can vanish. Always remember: From the readers perspective - What’s in it for me?

9.) Become a reliable resource: If your blog is about U.S senators, provide the latest news and outrages. Yes, there will be outrages. When readers realize they can rely on the blogger to learn “what really happened” they keep coming back for more and recommend the blog to others or link to it if they have their own blog or website.

This is a guest post by Brian Jenkins who writes for and the website’s College and Career Guide.


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