The Most Discussed Articles In 2008

Posted by Charles on January 1st, 2009

Most Discussed Articles 2008

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First up, welcome to 2009! To start off the New Year I thought I’d put together a list of the most engaging articles on PiggyBankPie from 2008. How should this be measured? I thought about making a list based on page views but the results will always be skewed based on when the article was written, its search engine rankings, and whether a sudden influx of visitors arrived from StumbleUpon.

Therefore I settled on the number of comments, so here’s the list of the 10 most discussed articles from last year:

1) 52 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts (31 comments) - an extended list of 52 blogs, ranging from PR2 to PR8, which are currently accepting guest posts.

2) The Triangle Strategy: How To Optimize Efficiently (30 comments) - a look into how you can develop your social media strategy by focusing on the social media sites which are most effective for you.

3) How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites (28 comments) - how guest blogging and blog collaboration attracted 850 visitors to PiggyBankPie.

4) Using Humour To Extend Your Reach (20 comments) - looking at the effectiveness of humorous blogging, including five principles which you can try out in your next post.

5) Is Entrecard Doing Any Good For You? (19 comments) - a review of Entrecard, including a look at the quality of traffic which comes from Entrecard.

6) How To Polish Your Blog Before A Guest Blogging Gig: 7 Strategies To Make It Shine (16 comments) - if you’re about to submit a guest post to an A-List blog then you should prepare your own blog to achieve the best results. In this article 7 blog preparation strategies to make your blog shine are discussed.

7) Guest Blogger, A Risky Job? (15 comments) - the importance of researching and understanding your audience when guest blogging, including a case study on what can happen when you don’t do this.

8 ) 32 High Quality DoFollow Blogs (11 comments) - a list of DoFollow blogs, where you can submit comments and receive a small flow of PageRank in return.

9) Exploring The Plurkiverse: Microblogging Gets Conversational (10 comments) - a thorough review of the microblogging site Plurk.

10) Forget Digg & SU: 10 Reasons Why You Should Focus On BloggingZoom (9 comments) - what happens when a story hits the front page of BloggingZoom and 10 reasons why you should focus on BloggingZoom when participating in social media.

Which of your posts were most commented on in 2008? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.


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2 Responses to “The Most Discussed Articles In 2008”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hi Charles

    Glad to see one of mine made it to the list. There’s some quality stuff there - congrats!

  2. Charles Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks, although I can’t take all the credit! Quite a few of the articles were written by Patrick.

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