How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites

Posted by Patrick on January 2nd, 2008

Bridging Traffic To Your Site

Since I started this blog on Oct 1st 2007, I have used different strategies to increase traffic and RSS subscribers. For instance I’ve paid for publicity banners and used social media sites with I would say, impressive results. One of my posts submitted to StumbleUpon received close to 10000 visitors to this date, and another one about 1500. However, while social media sites can bring tons of visitors in a few hours, more than often these visits are, as I like to call, hit and run.

The 850 visitors we are talking about in this article are, as I like to call, organic visitors. They are neither sponsored visitors, nor social media users spending .025 second on your site. They are pure organic visitors with an interest for your site.

In this article you will learn the different strategies I used to attract 850 quality visitors by using free simple methods available at your fingertips.

Frequent readers of Piggy Bank Pie already know how I like to promote both Guest Blogging and Blogging Collaboration. I’ve used these methods to increase traffic in the last 2 month of 2007, and trust me, I will continue in the same direction for 2008.

Guest Blogging
Inspired by Skellie and Chris Garrett, I decided to start guest blogging about 2 months ago. I can say that I’ve been fortunate to have great opportunities on very popular blogs. This gave Piggy Bank Pie free publicity to find new regular readers and RSS subscribers. And, since Piggy Bank Pie offers Writing Services, guest posting is THE best possible visibility to promote this service, much better than paying $1 a click on AdWords for the word “Freelance Blogger”. I thought I’d share my guest blogging stats hoping this will convince you to start promoting your blog using a similar strategy.

Guest Post at Blogging
Title: Introducing Windows Live Writer: A Desktop Blog Publishing Application
Total visitors received from this gig: 92
Estimated number of new RSS subscribers: 15-20

Guest Post at John Chow dot Com
Title: The Guest Blogger’s Guide To The Blogosphere
Total visitors received from this gig: 107
Estimated number of new RSS subscribers: 35-40
Business generated by this guest post: 1 Guest Post for Mixed Market Arts, 2 request for proposal to ghostwrite ebooks

Guest Post at Mixed Market Arts
Title: Building Traffic With Blog Carnivals
Written by Sharon Hurley Hall for Piggy Bank Pie Writing Services
Total visitors received from this gig: 18
Business generated by this guest post: 5 more articles for Mixed Market Arts (currently under writing)

Guest Post at SEO 2.0
Title: Bonsai Blogging: How to Fail with Social Media
Total visitors received from this gig: 30
Incoming link from Humor Blogging citing the article: 4 visits
Estimated number of new RSS subscribers: between +-5
Business generated by this guest post: 1 ghostwriting gig

Total Visitors From Guest Posting Activities: 251

Not convinced yet? Read this article I wrote on How To Find Tons Of New Quality Visitors To Your Blog. It should at least convince you to give it a try.

Blogging Collaboration

Blogging Collaboration
If guest blogging is the best thing I did to bring new readers and kick off the Writing Services, collaborating with other bloggers is the second best thing I did since I started this site. I will divide Blogging Collaboration into 4 categories:

  • Bloggers guest posting here at Piggy Bank Pie
  • Interview with a Pro Blogger
  • Participating in forums
  • Link exchange

Bloggers Guest Posting at Piggy Bank Pie
The first guest post published on Piggy Bank Pie was from Sharon Hurley Hall from Get Paid To Write Online. Since then, a total of 19 posts have been published by 6 Guest Bloggers. Curious to know how many visitors this has brought to this blog?

Total Visitors Received From Guest Bloggers: 255

Interview With a Pro Bloggers
My Interview with Caroline Middlebrook generated very good traffic. When you get a chance to interview a Pro Blogger, try using this opportunity to maximize your visibility. Some tips that might help:

Tip #1: Interviewing a Pro Blogger is a good idea, but you also need to convince her or him to publish a small post mentioning the interview with a back link to your site. Sometimes a little cash might help, but it’s a good investment.

Tip #2: Try to advertise your interview where the Pro Blogger has fans and followers. It could be a Facebook fan group for instance. Join the group and drop a note, this will surely bring you traffic. As for Caroline, I knew she was very popular in the Thirty Day Challenge forum, so I went there to posted a simple note saying I had interviewed Caroline on my blog.

Tip #3: Leave a comment on the blogger’s site. Try to be the first to comment on the latest post following the interview, give a valuable opinion and finish by mentioning the interview with a direct link to the article.

Total Visitors From Caroline 99
Total Visitors From The Thirty Day Challenge Forum: 53

Participating In Forums
Before I started investing time in forums, I had heard this tip hundreds of time but had serious doubt, and also thought this would be a waste of precious time. WRONG. First, by joining active forums you meet new bloggers and you develop professional, but also friendly relationships. I joined a private forum focused on Blog Marketing and met very nice and knowledgeable bloggers. Since I joined this group about 2 months ago, I feel like I’m now working in a team; if I have a question, if I need information on a specific topic, there is always someone to help. And because we all have different backgrounds, the knowledge sharing is amazing.

Total Visits From Marketing Forum: 117
Estimated number of new RSS subscribers: 15-20

Link Exchange
Just like many bloggers, I too was pissed about the last Google Page Rank Update… even though I was not affected at all since Piggy Bank Pie was relatively new. So I decided that for now, my best strategy would be to collaborate with bloggers to exchange traffic. Whether Larry Page likes it or not, I choose readers over his page rank algorithm. In this category I also include the BlogRush widget and RSS Hugger, which are a form of link exchange.

Total Visitors Coming Form Link Exchange: 75

Total Visitors From Blogging Collaboration Activities: 599



As you can see, there are simple ways you can use to bring you organic visitors. While the above numbers are not astronomical -some bloggers receive more than that every day- still for a relatively new blog such as Piggy Bank Pie, they are important most of all, we are talking quality traffic.

Have you had any success bringing organic visitors to your blog? have you used other strategies not mentioned in this post? Let’s continue this discussion through the comments.

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29 Responses to “How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites”

  1. Sharon Says:

    This is a great post, Patrick. We all know these things work, but it’s good to have the evidence in facts and figures.

  2. Traffic Building Without Social Media Says:

    […] I’m a big fan of social media, I was interested to read this post on PiggyBankPie, titled How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites. The 850 visitors we are talking about in this article are, as I like to call, organic visitors. […]

  3. Elite By Design Says:

    Wow, what an incredible post. I wasn’t expecting something that long and in-depth.
    I’ve been thinking about going “guest-poster” for a while now, I just haven’t had the time. This post might help get me inspired :)

  4. Jeff Quipp Says:

    What a great post Patrick! Thanks so much for sharing that information. You’ve inspired me to start guest blogging and collaborating with others now! Sphunn and Stumbled!

  5. Frank C Says:

    Organic traffic comes from search engines, not other blogs. Traffic from other blogs, as well as social bookmarking sites, is referral traffic. At least that’s how it’s defined in Google Analytics.

    BTW, it’s not unusual for a good niche blog to get 850+ unique visitors a day from Google. However, it would be quite rare for a “blogging about blogging” or “make money online” blog to get that many unique hits from Google.

  6. Gary R. Hess Says:

    Great article with great tips. A nice little increase in visitors with a good choice of strategy.

  7. Mark Says:

    Hi Patrick - very nice post! Keep up the good work and best of luck for 2008.

    We must be on similar wavelengths because I just published a post yesterday on, “Value Added Blogging - The Art of Growing Traffic Organically One Reader at a Time” which has some eery similarities to this post.

    Those Stumble Upon spikes are like taking a drug, it can offer a high, but coming down can be hard :)


  8. Patrick Says:

    @Sharon: Thanks. You know, I hesitated a bit before writing this post because I thought this would be like another blogger saying the same thing we heard so many times. But since I consider myself as new blogger, not a pro, I think sharing this information to other new bloggers might be handy.

    @Elite by Design and @Jeff Quipp: Go, write your best post ever and use it for guest blogging. Thanks for the visit and for commenting.

    @Frank C: Of course, organic traffic means being found organically in Search Engine and getting traffic out of it. What I meant by “organic” in this case is traffic generated purely, by readers reading content and coming for a visit because they want more. I thought “organic” was a nice term for that. Thanks for stopping by Frank.

    @Mark: Come back and post the link in the comments, this was in fact a great post. Thanks


  9. Frank C Says:

    One thing I’ve noticed Patrick,

    The networking scenario that you described does work well for obtaining traffic within the network of “blogging about blogging” or “make money online” bloggers. I used much the same technique for OpTempo although I didn’t do any guest blogging. I did, and I’m still doing, free blog reviews. The problem is that you can’t let up on the promotional gas or else readers disappear and it will demand more and more of your time.

    The difference with niche blogging is that you can establish a site well in Google, monetize it and let it just sit there collecting revenue on 10k-15k unique visitors a month with little or no promotional effort.

    (Oh, and if you want even more traffic “Flush the Rush” and use EntreCard instead.)

  10. Steven Snell Says:

    Nice writeup. I have also had good results with guest posting and it has opened up some new opportunities. It is something that every serious blogger should try.

  11. Zoul Says:

    This was a great read. I’ve known about these methods but i just haven”t implemented them yet. Let’s see how things turn out.

  12. Patrick Says:

    @Frank C: You know, for the past few weeks have been watching the Entrecard train without getting onboard. I don’t know, I was waiting for some feedback but now I think it is time for me to get a ticket a jump into the wagon. Sharon Hurley Hall guest blogged about it on this very blog, and still I haven’t registered yet. I tell you what, it’s on top of my To-do list for tonight or tomorrow :-)

    Thanks Frank

  13. Alka Says:

    Very good tips and I have been following the interview route and had set up an interview blog, but yes it is harder to get people to mention the interview in their blogs.. Tuff people indeed !!!
    But you are bang on targte about it

  14. Pablothehat Says:

    Great article!
    Lots of useful information, which one of your commentators mentioned, we all know, but how many of us can say we approach self publicity so logically?

    My blog has been going since the end of July 2007 and one of the problems I have found is that there is a lot of information available to help the novice blogger, but most of the time I recieve it after the event LOL.

    I have put a link to my Blog if that’s ok.

  15. Lucy Dee Says:

    Hey, Patrick!

    This is my first time at your blog.
    I must say, this was a really impressive article with rock solid information!

    I have had guest blogging on my blog marketing methods “to do list”. I think 2008 is the year to make the transition into a guest blogger (along with starting up a completely new blog!) I write about comedy, so the guest blogging leap may be a little bigger than I expected.

    I’ll definitely be checking your blog more often. Thank you again–and all the best to you in 2008!

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  17. Pont Says:

    Nice article thanks, you can add me to the list of those that came via Caroline’s rss feed.

  18. Mitchell Allen Says:

    Whee! Who said being a statistic was bad?
    I’m one of those 850 visitors.
    In fact, I’m one of the 99 visitors from Caroline Middlebrook’s blog.
    The cool blog title didn’t hurt, either.

    I wish you the best of the quality traffic.



  19. Patrick Says:

    @Mitchell: A you can see, I’m one of those stats maniac… But truth is, when you dig into them, you can find very interesting results. Thanks for stopping by.


  20. Fighting Scrapers With Your Left Jab Says:

    […] I started 2008 with a post that went viral on StumbleUpon and BloggingZoom. Even Skellie and Caroline Middlebrook took the story back to their respective blogs. For those interested, the post in question was How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites. […]

  21. Darryl | Using wordpress to build an empire Says:

    Nice stats,

    I really like this post. You gave an excellent synopsis of your journey to 850 visitors.

    If your looking to Collaboration or do some guess posting. I would love to hear from you.

  22. Guest Blogger, A Risky Job? | Guest Blogging, Guest And Ghostwriter Services - PiggyBankPie Says:

    […] by looking at the success I got with my article How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites, I can’t possibly agree with him. I just don’t see how the information becomes […]

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    […] I would answer Blogging Collaboration. The true turning point came to me when I published the post How I Received 850 Visitors Without Using Social Media Sites. I realized that collaboration was becoming a hot topic in the blogosphere. Just look at how guest […]

  24. Daily Common Sense Says:

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll consider guest blogging…

  25. Kashif Says:

    Thats really nice how you got that much visits just by guest blogging and more than the visits you got more subscribers as well :)

  26. 8 Reasons to Start Guest Blogging | Guest Blogging, Guest And Ghostwriter Services - PiggyBankPie Says:

    […] Guest blogging increases the exposure of your blog. And what comes with more exposure? Visitors. The most obvious benefit of all is that guest blogging is a way of generating extra traffic to your blog. Sure, it’s not transform your visitor statistics overnight, but it can bring in a significant amount of traffic. […]

  27. HomeEnergyTv Says:

    Great post. It can be frustrating when a blog is just starting to get the word out there.

  28. nuaeman Says:

    I learn a lot from your post sharon.Will bookmark this site. Thanks for all the great info.

  29. Tom Freemoney Says:

    Though written two years ago, this post still timely and very applicable in 2011. Thanks for a nice read.

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