Don’t Be Scared To Be You - How Personalization Makes For Better Blogging

Posted by Charles on July 6th, 2011

Blogging is a popular trend, but not all blogs are personal. It may be a wiser choice to be more personal when blogging on any topic. Broadcasting your true self to the public can be beneficial to you as a business owner, or just as someone looking to share insight.

The Benefits Of Being Yourself

There are two basic ways to give information. There is listing information, plain and simple (boringly); or, there is expressing information the way you see it.

Reality TVInstead of just providing facts the same way a dictionary could do, people would probably find it more interesting to hear or read information that has life -personality- to it.

Going past just putting things in your own words, personalization could include a blogger sharing his/her real name, picture, and experiences to whoever stumbles upon his/her readings.

Think reality TV shows versus The History Channel.

It seems many people are interested in the lives of others - this being why MySpace and Facebook were created. Just seeing a picture of the person who is writing gains general interest, wouldn’t you agree? So even if you, as a blogger, are not the jazziest of people to be around, personalization can still work in your favor.

A List Of Benefits:

- More Followers: The more a person reads of someone’s personal happenings, it seems the more interested they grow. So if your goal is to gain a lot of active followers, personalizing could work in your favor.

- Insight From Others: The better you’re known as a blogger, the easier it is for people to relate to you. You could get opinions and advice from a whole lot of people.

- More Interesting Comments: While more people would flock to your blog, there is a chance of further discussion through comments, gaining you more attention and more feedback.

- Personal Evaluation: It’s possible you can go back and read through your history of posts and be able to learn from them better, while having more humility for any mistakes you may have made being that what you’ve written has already been broadcasted to the public.

- Support: With being real comes real support. If you blog about your personal life, you may find much support online.

- Business Gains: Trust comes with letting people get to know you. If you’re running a business, the more the customer can trust you, the better off you are in selling them a product or gaining their support (profit or non-profit.)

Getting Yourself Out There

Facebook, Twitter & YouTubeThere are many ways to broadcast your true self on the Internet. Integrating popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, can gain the attention of a lot of people. You can add the interactive “Like” buttons to your blog, even, further expanding your name.

Whatever the purpose of your blog - talent, business, emotional, informative, inspiring, or other - the more personal you make it, the more trusting, interested, giving, and enlightened the followers of it will be.

This is a guest post by Maria Rainier who is a freelance writer and blogger for First in Education where she’s recently written on online EMT certification programs along with a piece on certified realtime reporter programs. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, traveling, and working with origami.


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