The Advantages of Using an Online Persona

Posted by Charles on July 14th, 2011

Personalizing your blog can be advantageous, but how can anonymity be better?

Being An Alias

Choosing to be or pretending that you’re someone else can be beneficial in the world of blogging. If you are someone who doesn’t see your personal self as entertaining, and you have nothing to share with the world but your vast imagination, than creating a fictional version of you can be a wise choice.

Choosing AnonymityYou may also be creating a fake name simply to share information that you wish no one to know about but yourself, or those close to you. Those fascinated with mystery would be sure to keep reading what you have to write.

Of course, you can’t be too concerned with the credit that comes with blogger fame (if that’s your goal). Regardless, there are many other positive things to consider when choosing to be public or private.

Some Benefits Of Choosing Anonymity:

- Mystery: If your blog is focused on secrecies, then people may find it interesting to hear any sort of confessions, constant on-going affairs, personal battles, etc. even if you do not expose your identity. This could make it more interesting, in fact.

- Security: Without giving any sort of insight as to who you might be as a blogger, there is less of a risk factor for you being assaulted in anyway.

- Entertainment: If you create a fictional character for a blog, this means you can pretend whatever you say through this character is real. If you yourself have a boring life, one may find interest in your false alter ego.

- Being Humble: If you’re writing art or producing art for a blog, remaining anonymous can add to how a follower may view you. They may see you as being humble for not taking credit.

- Reputation: If you’re concerned over your reputation, you can write of something being anonymous without having to worry about personal backlash.

Painted Persona

So if you think about it, being an anonymous blogger can be an art. The way you phrase things could be you, or they could be made up. If being yourself with the name of another, blogging beyond personal boundaries can allow you to be more expressive and creative. You may say things you wouldn’t say if you had your picture plastered to the right of your words.

If you have boundaries in your real life, being anonymous can eliminate those boundaries. This can create an immense amount of popularity, and pure fun for the blogger.

This is a guest post by Maria Rainier who is a freelance writer and blogger for First in Education, where she’s recently written on funeral director jobs along with a piece on online health administration programs. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, traveling, and working with origami.


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  1. Melly Lifshitz Says:

    Using an alias is beneficial especially if you are maintaining a political blog that targets a certain political figure. Being anonymous can protect your from direct harm and other unwanted things that may occur during the span of your political blogging.

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